House Darius


House Darius came to power after the Battle of Tamberlyn, where it usurped the throne from House Barca with the help of the Knights of Alerion. It retains the crown to this day.

Even before the civil war, House Darius was known for its valour in combat and religious piety (to Mitra). It is said that Markadian I (known as the Victor) started the civil war due to his disgust at the alleged moral degradation of the nation, mostly due to the prominence of the Asmodean church. House Darius also had a legitimate claim to the throne via marriage, though historians agree that House Barca held a greater claim if the laws of succession were followed to the letter.

Darius still retains strong support from the Church of Mitra, who in turn have supported and served the crown faithfully. The House also enjoys popular support from the vast majority of the population. There remains some friction between Darius and Barca but such issues have never amounted to much. Indeed, prominent members of House Barca have even attained positions of power within the new regime.

The current king is Markadian V (known as the Brave), a good man now in his thirty eighth year. Beloved by his people, Markavian the Brave has proven himself numerous times on the field of battle. His ultimate dream is to unite the entire island under his dominion.

His daughter and sole child is the beautiful and brilliant Bellinda. The princess is twenty years old and is already a prodigy of arcane magic. Known to be shy and insular, she rarely makes public appearances. It is questionable whether or not the people of Talingarde would follow a queen rather than a king.

House Darius

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