Farholde is the northernmost colony of Talingarde with a population of rough 9,500 people. Farholde has a sizable Iraen population from the days when the town was an Iraen settlement, but these descendents are well integrated into Talirean society. There is also a sizable half-elven population and a modest number of elves also.

This small city is a backwater, largely isolated from its parent nation by distance and danger. Yet, Farholde is a keystone of the realm’s defense. Without control of the delta that feeds into Lake Scardynn there would be no credible defense of the Borderlands.

Almost every structure in the city of Farholde is built on one of nine hills. The reason for this arrangement is simple – Farholde floods. These annual floods are usually predictable, brief and have never in memory crested any of the nine hills. These floods are a boon for Farholde as they deposit rich lake sediment all over the delta plane and create rich arable land for the growing season. No one in Farholde worries about leaving fields fallow or fortifying their soil.

Besides agriculture and the garrison, Farholde has another important industry – fishing. The ocean is rough and often dangerous, thus few bother to risk their lives in such an endeavor, but the lake is rich with salmon and other sea life.

The quays where the fishing boats dock are stout stone affairs designed to survive weeks underwater. They jut out in to the delta all along the southern bank. The northern bank has only one – a broad military quay where soldiers and supplies are unloaded to provision
the Castle Hamorhall. The quay is home to dozens of war galleys and supply barges.

GM Note: More details may be discovered with an appropriate knowledge check.



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