Endless Waste

The largest region of the Mainland, the Endless Waste is the northernmost land, renowned for its harsh, frozen landscape. Size it lacks a central government, it isn’t counted as one of Nine Kingdoms.

Most of the population live in rough-and-tumble towns on the coastlines, where they send longships to raid and plunder other nations and ships. The desolate central area is scarcely inhabited, although sorcerers and witches, dedicated to the power of the unyielding cold, emerge from this harsh place. Rumours speak of a hidden stone spire, where the divine power of the ‘Endless Winter’ is taught to mortal supplicants by unknown prophets.

The spellcasters that emerge are treated with fear and respect by others in the nation. Their words are carefully heeded, and they nearly always take positions of power.

The language spoken here is Norspik.

Endless Waste

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