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For a general overview, here’s Talingarde at a glance.

Note that the information here is considered well-known, or at least easily accessible. Further details can be discovered through investigation, rumours or simply a high enough Knowledge check.



Talingarde is an island that may be divided into six regions:

  • The Cambrian Ports.
  • The Heartland,
  • The Borderlands.
  • The Caer Bryr.
  • The Savage North.
  • Land of the Yutak.

To the east of the Isle of Talingarde lies the mainland continent.
It consists of nine separate kingdoms.

GM Note: Aside from Verochanza, the mainland has not been fleshed out. This is intentional. Players may incorporate their character background with a mainland nation if they wish, with GM approval.


Although the Isle of Talingarde was once home to a diverse range of creatures, this number has steadily declined due to human habitation. Still, a fair number of sentient humanoids can still be found, many of which clinging to the outskirts of civilization.

Organizations of Talingarde

Major Settlements

Places of Interest:

Noble Houses


The only religion of any real note in Talingarde is Mitra, The Shining Lord.

Other lesser deities are tolerated within the nation within strict guidelines. Even the most prominent have little real power and survive by finding a ‘niche’ in society. These include (in order of importance):
- Abadar (bankers, businessmen and traders)
- Erastil (hunters and rural farmers)
- Cayden Cailean (brewers and drinkers)
- Shelyn (artists)
- Irori (historians and philosophers)
- Desna (astronomers and travelers)
as well as a scattering of others.

Perhaps surprisingly, good deities sworn to purge evil are rarely worshiped in Talingarde and have no official place of worship. The general consensus is that Mitra has a respectful arrangement with Sarenrae, Iomedae and other valorous gods not to intrude on each other’s ‘territory’. This would explain why Mitra is revered solely in Talingarde and the faith has not spread to the mainland.

Aside from Asmodeus, evil deities have never been popular in Talingarde, even before House Darius took the thrones. The Asmodean faith has been wiped out almost entirely, although a tiny number of followers are scattered throughout the nation, their numbers continuing to dwindle. They wisely remain in hiding, as the purges against them are technically ongoing.

Torag’s following is made up almost exclusively of dwarves and it is illegal for them to preach or publicly worship their faith in human communities. This has caused some understandable tension between the two peoples.

Nature deities, most notably Gozreh, are favoured by the marginalized Iraen people and their pagan rituals are conducted in the deep wilderness, far from civilization. They are considered primitive by most Talingarde citizens.

The goblinoids of the North worship a myriad of demon lords and deities of battle, with Gorum being the most popular.

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