Branderscar Prison


The most infamous prison in all of Talingarde, Branderscar is specifically reserved for the worst of the worst criminals. Branderscar Prison, according to all reports, has never been successfully broken out of. This changed when the guards and warden Mathias Richter were killed when a group of condemned prisoners escaped the prison.

Prisoners are often traitors of the worst kind, although truly hardened thieves and murderers are commonly found here also. An especially gruesome fate awaits those guilty of consorting with dark powers.

After a prisoner’s initial branding (with a Runic ‘F’) execution is the most likely outcome (typically by hanging, beheading or burning) although a few might live out their days in the salt mines of nearby Varyston. There is no preferential treatment within its stone walls. Whether highborn or commoner, all prisoners are treated equally, and terribly.

Branderscar Prison is located on a rocky island off South-Eastern Talingarde. It is connected to the mainland by a single bridge. The bridge is connected to the Old Moor Road, a highway that circumnavigates a sizable coastal marshland before arriving in Varyston.

Once an important coastal castle, the old Castle Branding long ago ceased having any military importance. The last warfare seen here was over eighty years ago during the war of succession between House Barca and House Darius. Since that time it has seen many wardens come and go, all of which went on to becomes knights and lords of the realm. The position carries with it great prestige.


Branderscar Prison

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