Castle Balentyne was a fortification in the northern Borderlands. It served as one of the twelve vital castles that supports the Watch Wall, built to keep out the bugbear horde that prowl the Frozen North. Although Balentyne still stands, it has suffered extensive damage after it was sacked by a united army of goblinoids and giants.

Balentyne holds a commanding position of the surrounding area as it was built atop a great canyon, formed by the River Tyburn which flows west to east. An ancient bridge connects the castle to the north side of the ridge. Despite the fortress having fallen, this bridge still stands strong.

The soldiers of Balentyne fought heroically against the overwhelming horde of Sakkarot but were slaughtered to a man due to sabotage within their own Watchtower from Asmodean infiltrators. The last stand of Balentyne was not entirely in vain however, as it bought valuable time for the civilians of Aldencross to evacuate. The town of Aldencross itself was destroyed shortly afterwards, but with little loss of life.


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