Located on the south-eastern part of the mainland, Alambria is an mysterious land known for its exotic fighting styles and feudal system of government.

Lately, a vicious shogun by the name of Yamoto Daiju has made efforts to topple the imperial government and conquer the nation. Progress has been slow but the evil warlord has successfully taken 2/3rds of the nation. Part of his success has been credited through the careful application of assassins.

Some of the most proficient assassins in the world train here, the organisation known as the ‘Nine Knives’ are the most feared and respected. These killers are known to be expert poisoners and their services do not come cheap.

The Monastery of Perfection
On the south-eastern tip of the nation sits an unimpressive wooden structure designed to house prospective monks in the most esoteric of martial arts. Considered nearly a holy place, no other faction has ever dared to conquer the monastery. For its part, the monks within avoid affairs of state, focusing on the perfection of mind and body (though rogue students very rarely have been known to break this tradition in the past). Rumours suggest that the master of the monastery is more than the wise, frail old man he appears to be and may even be more than mortal.

The native language is Alambrian but common is frequently used.


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