This page is for character creation, home rules and other game mechanics. click the Wiki link on the left for world info, including history, geography, noble house, etc.

The Kingdom of Talingarde is the most noble, virtuous, peaceful nation in the known world. This is the story of how you burned this insipid paradise to the ground. It’s only fair. They shipped you to the worst prison in the kingdom and branded you. They burned you first.

DISCLAIMER: As this is an evil campaign, various problems may appear that would be easily evaded in a standard D&D setting. Click HERE for explanations on how we can address some of these issues.


Welcome to Way of the Wicked, an evil campaign where PCs walk the path of villainy. This game uses character creation rules from the Way of the Wicked Player’s Guide. This is a free download from FireMountainGames but an online pdf can be found HERE.

If you’re joining late then ask the GM what the starting level is.

We now use Medium XP progression

Essentially, any Paizo source is acceptable provided I have the book in question or an online link. I’m allowing the Retraining rules also (provided PCs have sufficient downtime of course).

The following rules supersedes the document:

Players will use the simpler 25 point buy method instead of the dice rolling method.

Core and Featured races from Advanced Races Guide are permitted in this campaign. Any race with a fly speed is disallowed. Other races may be permitted on request. Nothing too freakish please.

Anti-paladin: Must take the ‘Tyrant’ or similar archetype that allows alignment to be Lawful Evil. I.e. No Chaotic Evil Anti-paladins.
Cleric: Must choose Asmodeus as patron deity. Willing to allow arch-devil or diabolism.
Gunslinger: Permitted. Emerging guns is the guns level. Guns are rare though, don’t expect guns and ammo to be readily available.
Ninja/Samurai: Discouraged but not forbidden. You’ll have to convince me why an eastern warrior is in Talingarde.
Summoner: Disallowed. Seriously, it’s major OP.
Psychics: Disallowed. I’m really not a fan of psychic rules.
3rd party classes may be allowable on request.

New Archetypes are available:

  • Inquisitor (Torture Master)
  • Cleric (Unholy Barrister)
  • Monk (Hand of Tyranny)

Lawful evil or neutral evil preferred. I will accept lawful neutral or true neutral if you can provide a good explanation and don’t simply use it as a means of power gaming. I WILL rewrite enemy stats to target power gamers if you try to pull a fast one.

I’d like to try max hp. Everyone, including NPCs and monsters get full hp.


  • _Bluff_*: At GM discretion, a bluff check may need to be made when telling a twisted version of the truth. As a rule of thumb, the bluffer will get a +5 bonus to the check.
  • Intimidate: Can be used Str or Chr based. If Str based, the character must use physical force in some capacity when intimidating. A target resistant to fear is also resistant to intimidate.
  • Perception: Cannot take 20 to locate traps. You cannot use ‘Trap Spotting’ rogue talent to perceive traps while running or charging.
  • Sense Motive: Works as stated but not a passive skill. You must ask specifically when using it (though the GM may allow reactive checks occasionally).

A selection of New Feats are available.

  • I’m using the ‘Elephant in the Room’ houserule. Enjoy.


  • PCs start the game with 2 traits from any legal Paizo source.
  • 1 Drawback permitted.

Starting characters gain gold mid-way between their starting level and the previous level (see Table 12-4 on page 399 of the Core Handbook). For example, a character starting at 4th level gets 4500gp (which is mid-way between 3rd level [3000gp] and 4th level [6000gp] starting gold.

No young template. No middle aged, old or venerable characters.

Clerics (and similar classes ) MUST choose Asmodeus as their patron deity. All other characters need not be especially devout but all must at least show passing respect for Asmodeus. EDIT: Diabolism and Pantheism(archdevils) are also acceptable.


Create Pit: As written except the climb DC to escape is the same as the reflex DC (this affects similar spells, such as Hungry Pit).

  • No Words of Power.


  • Crossbows are treated as though 1 size category larger. Thus. light crossbows inflict 2d6 damage; heavy crossbows inflict 2d8.
  • Longswords, greatswords and bastard swords are now P & S.
  • Spears can be wielded one handed if the wielder has Weapon Focus with that weapon.
  • Longspears and shortspears can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat (thanks to Oberyn Martell)


  • You may ready a partial charge action as a standard action.
  • It is possible to bull rush an opponent who is in a grapple (thus breaking the grapple). However this is very difficult and the target gets a +4 bonus to CMD to resist.
  • Aid other is reworked. When 2 or more PCs attempt a check, the PCs can all roll and the highest check becomes the primary roll while the all others provide an assist (is DC 10 is met). Some exceptions to this may occur in-game.

This should be obvious but If a dice roll is necessary, it must be rolled either publicly or on roll20 so that there is proof that the roll occurred. I will not accept dice rolls that I haven’t witnessed.

Way of the Wicked