Watch Wall

The Watch Wall is a line of twelve castles stretching from Farholde to Estyllis along the northern Borderlands.

Originally constructed by Accarius IV called the Architect, the Watch Wall (officially called the Accarian Line) had the purpose of holding back the bugbear hordes in the Frozen North after it was deemed too difficult and dangerous to conquer the lands by force. The Watch Wall was later improved upon (adding 3 more fortresses to the current total of 12) by King Markadian I called the Victor.

For centuries, this defense has proven an effective, if rather expensive, method of holding back the beasts in the north. Goblinoid land assaults are most common, but circumnavigating the castles via the sea has also been attempted. Such efforts are for naught, as Farholde and Estyllis both have formidable navies at their disposal.

Despite its success, many have noticed that the Watch Wall has bred complacency. The Northern lands are left ignored and its monstrous inhabitants overlooked, with no interest to conquer the region. Thus today, the Watch Wall is little regarded as a pressing military concern.

From west to east, the Watchtowers consist of:
Farholde, Corfell, Sherenhold, Jol, Abbelton, Helmouth, Fyringhold, Lakewatch, Accarian Shield, Balentyne, Lorringsgate and Estyllis.

Watch Wall

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