House Havelyn


Few families in Talingarde are as respected or as loyal to the crown as House Havelyn. Historically, they oversaw the town called Havelyn in the northern Heartlands, though this settlement was destined to become far greater under their rule.

For almost a century, Havelyn was but a minor noble House who supported House Darius politically. They were, and remain, loyal to both Darius and to the church of Mitra. Their devotion paid off when House Darius took the throne after defeating the Barcan king in battle. Lord Havelyn had served faithfully in the Knights of Alerion during the fateful battle, and his lands and holdings expanded dramatically after the victory. The town of Havelyn quickly grew in power and wealth, the new king passing laws and edicts which benefited the growing city.

The current Lord of Havelyn is Sir Thomas Havelyn, a dour but capable military commander who has chosen to command the troops at Balentyne rather than the comparatively cushy job of ruling Havelyn. He was recently slain in his own chamber in the Watchtower’s keep, though he fought valiantly before he finally succumbed.

His is survived by his son, Sir Richard Thomasson, who is also a knight of Alerion.

House Havelyn

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