New Archetypes are available in this campaign.

Inquisitor (Torture Master)
Cleric (Unholy Barrister)
Monk (Hand of Tyranny)

Torture Master (Inquisitor Archetype)

Inquisitors are ruthless when it comes to rooting out traitors and the unfaithful, but the Torture Master turns interrogation into a fine art. More than a mere inflicter of pain these inquisitors use pain to read their victims, forcing even the most accomplished (or desperate) liars to speak the truth. For them rooting out traitors is not just a duty, it is a sacred privilege and causing pain is the tool that they use to accomplish their goals.

True Torturer: A torture master must take Torture as his chosen domain (Ultimate Magic p. 44). Note that the torturers’ touch ability is used until 5th level (see below). He may use Profession (torturer) in place of intimidate checks outside of combat.

Interrogation (Ex) At 3rd level, a torture master can spend one hour to cause a helpless target an extreme amount of pain and anguish. The torture master must have adequate tools on hand to use this ability, such as knives, fire, whips, and other grisly torture implements. At the end of this time, the torture master makes a intimidate or profession (torturer) check against the target. If successful, the victim must truthfully answer questions asked by the torture master as per the intimidate rules, but must also add additional information relating to the subject not specifically asked by the torture master. If he does not know any additional information, he must provide truthful information on a separate topic relevant to the torture master’s interests (where possible). If the intimidate check fails the target can refuse to answer the question or give a false answer as normal.

Due to the trauma experienced by the victim, this ability can only be used once per day per victim. The procedure is also draining on the torturer and he can only use it a number of times per day equal to his wisdom modifier. This is a pain and fear effect. Note that a victim immune to fear is highly resistant to torture (as determined by GM).

At 5th level, the torture master may use a charge of his agonizing touch to inflict a condition. The victim automatically fails the save and the torture master may choose which effect(s) to inflict. The condition lasts for the entire hour.

Replaces cunning initiative and track

Agonizing Touch (Su): At 5th level, the torturers’ touch ability is replaced and now functions as the ‘Pain Strike’ spell except that its range is changed to touch and the sickened effect is changed to fatigue. The ability gives a +4 bonus to intimidate or profession (torturer). At 8th level and every three levels thereafter he can add an effect to his agonizing touch. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Shaken: The target gains the shaken condition.
Sickened: The target gains the sickened condition.

At 11th level, he adds the following conditions to the list of those that can be selected.
Exhausted: The target is exhausted.
Frightened: The target is frightened. The torture master must have selected the shaken condition before selecting this condition.
Staggered: The target is staggered.

At 13th level, he adds the following conditions to the list of those that can be selected.
Blinded: The target is blinded, as if the torture master had cast blindness/deafness.
Cursed: The target is cursed, as if the torture master had cast bestow curse, using his inquisitor level as his caster level.
Nauseated: The target is nauseated. The torture master must have selected the sickened condition before selecting this condition.

This ability replaces Solo Tactics and Teamwork feats.

Not a mark (Su) At 5th level, Victims of the torture master’s Interrogation ability lose all memory of the traumatic events they have experienced at the torturer’s hands. This functions as a modify memory spell. Those who interact with the victim need to make a DC 25 sense motive to ‘get a hunch’ that something is not right with the victim. It requires a DC 20 Heal check to confirm that the victim has undergone torture. The victim receives a Will save (DC 10 + half the inquisitor’s HD + Wis modifier) to recover his memories after 2d6 days or if informed of the torture. Replaces Bane.

Devoted Victim (Su) At 12th level, after a week of using Interrogation on a victim (regardless of the success or failure of the intimidation checks) a torture master can choose to enslave his victim. This functions as the ‘dominate person’ spell except that telepathic control is not possible. The DC to resist is 10 + half the inquisitor’s hit dice + wisdom modifier. The victim may attempt to deceive the torture master if the attempt fails. The torture master may attempt again after another weeks work and the victim suffers a cumulative -2 penalty on the Will save. Only one creature can be affected at a time. Replaces Greater Bane

Master of Horror (Su) At 17th level, a torture master can use his extensive knowledge of torture to transform any Devoted Victim into a Broken Soul (as per the template in Bestiary 4). This replaces Slayer.

Unholy Barrister (Cleric Archetype)

Wretched are the clerics that worship Asmodeus, but there are some among them that truly find a calling in the service of the unholy lord. These clerics, known as unholy barristers, are among the devil’s most powerful servants in the lands of the living, tirelessly working to enslave all who dare to oppose him.

Deity: The cleric must worship Asmodeus.

Domains: The cleric must have the Evil or Law domain (or a subdomain of either). Unholy Barristers may still select a second domain as usual.

Demanding Channel (Su): At 1st level, the unholy barrister gains the ability to channel energy like a cleric of his level. This functions just like channel negative energy, allowing the unholy barrister to deal damage to all living creatures within 30 feet. The unholy barrister cannot use this ability, however, to heal undead creatures. Instead, the unholy barrister can spend two uses of his channel negative energy class feature to heal all evil living creatures within a 30 foot burst. To receive this bonus, the creatures must each spend an immediate action, swearing loyalty to Asmodeus. In addition to the damage healed, creatures that swear loyalty gain the Devil’s Pact feat for a number of minutes equal to the cleric’s level, but can only use that feat once during that time. If the creature already possesses that feat, they can use it one additional time per day, as long as they use it during the duration of the demanding channel. Regardless of when the power is used, the creature’s soul is bound to Asmodeus for the entire duration and if that creature dies during that time, it cannot be brought back to life by any means aside from a miracle or wish. Even if it is brought back to life, it gains three permanent negative levels (just as if it had the Devil’s Pact feat). This ability otherwise copies and replaces channel energy.

Soulbound Contract (Su): At 8th level, the unholy barrister can barter some of his power off to those who would serve Asmodeus. Using this ability is a standard action and it can only be used on a willing creature who is adjacent to the cleric. The creature must knowingly, and willingly, pledge his soul to Asmodeus to receive the benefits of this ability. The unholy barrister can grant the target a number of his spells, as if using imbue with spell ability, but without having to give up a 4th level spell slot. In addition, the cleric can transfer one use of his demanding channel to the target, regardless of the target’s total number of Hit Dice. Spells transferred and uses of demanding channel are lost by the cleric until used by the target and regained normally. As long as the target has any spells or uses of demanding channel remaining, it is surrounded by an aura of foul energy. It is treated as an evil creature for all spells and effects and if it dies while still possessing any spells or uses of demanding channel, its soul is bound by Asmodeus and it cannot be raised or resurrected by any mortal means. The unholy barrister cannot have more than one use of this ability active at a time and cannot use it again until the first target is slain or it uses up all of the granted spells and uses of demanding channel. The unholy barrister can use this ability once per day at 8th level, plus one additional time per day at 14th level. This ability replaces the 8th level ability gained by the Evil or Law domains. If the unholy barrister has both domains, he chooses with one to exchange for this ability.

Hand of Tyranny (Monk Archetype)

Those who find themselves heeding the call of self-perfection sometimes turn to Asmodeus to help the overcome their failings. Unfortunately, his dark gifts often twist the thoughts and goals of the wielder, turning them into an instrument of tyranny.

Unholy Command (Su): At 1st level, whenever a hand of tyranny makes an unarmed strike, he can decide to add an unholy command to the attack. If the attack hits, the target must make Will save, with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the hand of tyranny’s character level + the hand of tyranny’s Wisdom modifier. If the saving throw fails, the target must obey the order, as if a command spell was cast upon the target. The hand of tyranny can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his level. Using this ability is a free action. At 8th level, this order instead works like the spell suggestion. This ability replaces stunning fist.

Pain Touch (Su): At 7th level, a hand of tyranny can touch a living creature, causing it to become wracked with pain. Using this ability is a standard action that requires a melee touch attack. If successful the target is nauseated for 1 round and then sickened for a number of rounds equal to the hand of tyranny’s level. A successful Fortitude save, with a DC of 10 + 1/2 the hand of tyranny’s level + the hand of tyranny’s Wisdom modifier, reduces this effect to sickened for one round. Using this ability consumes 2 points from the hand of tyranny’s ki pool. This ability replaces wholeness of body.

Tongue of Lies (Ex): At 17th level, a hand of tyranny receives a +10 competence bonus on any Bluff skill check made to lie. Any lie he tells cannot be detected via detect lies, zone of truth, or similar spells. This ability replaces tongue of the sun and moon.


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